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California Movers Local & Long Distance Moving Company supplies a full set of relocation services as well as a budget-friendly extra storage in Sacramento available upon request. Our warehouse is an excellent match in the situations when moving into a new place is postponing but moving out must be done urgently.

What kind of Sacramento storage do you order?

Our Sacramento storage facilities has a number of advantages:

Possibility to arrange any storage conditions: dry or warm, light or dark, with or without equipment. After you discuss the conditions with our manager, we will select a proper room, having accommodating the place as requested.

Stressless access to the property without needless efforts or manipulations. You only need to call us to reach to your pieces. The process is painless, while stay secure for your items.

Availability any day of the week. You are allowed to call for your belongings every day as the warehouse does not close for weekends.

Wide drive-up for the trucks. The truck unloading is easy as the wide drive-up let it park close to a storage room.

Reasonable price that depends on the cargo volume and period of keeping. We charge competitively for all provided facilities, including Sacramento storage option and all moving operations.

Together with the storage in Sacramento, California

Ordering our service together with the storage in Sacramento, California allows you to relax while watching us taking care of all annoying moving steps. Whether you have to move your office, workshop or apartment, we can facilitate the removal process and securely deposit your property in our storing place.

Upon request we provide:

  • A truck, movers and packers who will show up at your place in Sacramento to render assistance;

  • They pack everything, wrap fragile items for their safety during the transit;

  • They deliver your pieces to the storage in Sacramento, CA, and accommodate everything in the warehouse.

You don’t have to worry about dings or other damages as our Sacramento experts have a wide experience in cargo handling. They performed a lot of relocation projects and they realize how to pack your property so the transit passes seamlessly and everything is returned to you in a prior condition.

"California Movers Local & Long Distance Moving Company’s" warehouse is a smart decision to keep your property safe for both long and short periods of time. Good service, undamaged conditions and affordability is what our Sacramento storage facilities are about.

Use our service, so our specialist will calculate the volume of the belongings for keeping and will voice a price for a storage facility in Sacramento, CA.

With us your property is secure and protected from any damages!




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