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Safe moving in Sacramento is guaranteed with “California Movers Local & Long Distance Moving Company”!

As real experts, we know every corner of Sacramento city as well as each aspect of the local moves. Relocation is performed by our high-skilled movers who provide full line of local moving services and support you during the whole process.

Working with different projects, we have become conscious that even the shortest-distance moving is an exhausting activity as it requests lots of time and resources. But an assistance of our qualified Sacramento local movers and trained packers will ease the whole action and free you from the major portion of relocation concerns.

“California Movers Local & Long Distance Moving Company” performs the following kinds of local moves:


An ineffective relocation of a business object threatens to interrupt flow of income for a long haul. If the relocation period extends, the staff will not be able to work and the customers will not be able to submit orders. Therefore, it is essential to perform repositioning swiftly and outside the office hours.

“California Movers Local & Long Distance Moving Company” provides tools, equipment and skillful workers to speed up the removal of your office or another commercial objects. We disassemble and reassemble massive furniture pieces, rewrap and tape everything and arrange the pieces in the truck in an order that ensures its safe haulage.

With our Sacramento local movers you eliminate the risk to lose an extra cent, you will not get any hidden fees and will appreciate the transparency of our work.


There are only a few teams among the Sacramento County local moving companies who can offer you an all-inclusive solution for local home moving service.

We will assist you in every stage of the relocation:

  • You get an estimation of project complexity and a detailed plan adjusted to your requests.

  • All your assembled furniture that cannot be transported will be disassembled and loaded into the truck.

  • Every fragile item will be wrapped, taped and carefully placed in the truck.

  • At the destination point (your new location or our storage facility) we unload and reassemble everything as well as help with unpacking.

We became a sought-after Sacramento moving company as we perform our job with forethought and at a quick rate.


A convenient storage unit is exactly what you need if you are ready to remove your things from the old place but a new space isn’t really done. That is the moment when “California Movers Local & Long Distance Moving Company” can offer you its specially equipped premises. Spacious driving-up and a climate-controlled system assure that your things will be handled and preserved securely with any required conditions. It’s affordable and easy way to solve the problem of storing for any period of time.


We carefully watch our image and try to satisfy all moving needs of our customers. We follow some principles of work performance, which help us to maintain our great recognition. They include:

  • Friendly attitude towards the customers. We make you feel comfortable during moving and forget about daunting relocation challenges. That is the reason why one of our aims is to act as if our local movers are your friends who give you a hand with good moving advice and professional skills.

  • Transparency of business. Our local moving service never includes any hidden fees and we always prove it to you in the expense report.

  • Accurate planning. Hoping for the best outcome is not our approach. We are all about planning and scheduling. We accurately reckon a volume of work and divide it into stages so the work is easier to manage.

  • Careful treatment of customer’s property. We treat your property as if it is ours, accurately packaging it and loading into the truck. Then we transport it avoiding rough roads so all items are brought to the final point as they were before packing.

“California Movers Local & Long Distance Moving Company” has all instruments to supply high-quality relocation service in Sacramento: great trained staff, commitment to the moving business, attainment of relocation inside outs, friendly attitude.

Order free individual quote for your project and enjoy all our advantages instead of concerning about minor things!




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