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The truth about California movers!

Moving may easily become one of your worst nightmares. But the aim of California Movers is to help people by providing them with the Moving Service that reduces stress and tension. With the highly trained moving teams, California Movers can help you to forget about any problems and to experience your moving day as the best day ever!

Every member of our moving family is ready to answer all your question and show you the most reliable attitude not only towards you but your belongings as well. So, from the consultation with a manager to the very end of your move, you will be in very capable hands! That is why we are ready to reveal the truth about our company in comparison with any other moving company:

Spacious driving-up and a climate-controlled system assure that your things will be handled and preserved securely with any required conditions.

Every order is performed by one team. It means, one team of expert and friendly corporate movers and packers will handle your day from the very beginning till the end.

We disassemble and reassemble massive furniture pieces, rewrap and tape everything and arrange the pieces in the truck in an order that ensures its safe haulage.

We make a plan and route of transportation and precisely follow it while preparing a plan B in case if any unexpected situation emerges.

Insurance by items if needed. What is more, our units are situated on the secure alarmed territory with an effective protection system

Our company is ready to take care of you anytime. If you want to have a moving day at the weekends or at night, we are ready to help you!

The aim of our company is to provide clients with the most comfortable, reliable, respectful moving service. That is why we guarantee affordable prices without hidden fees.