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California Movers: Elevating your Moving Game to Next Level

We've all been there, lost in the hustle and bustle of moving from one location to another . There can be times when moving can quickly become one of your worst nightmares with endless delays, broken property, and finances that burn a hole in your pocket. So, it's fair to say that moving is not an easy process, and it's undoubtedly not a task you can do alone.
But should that be a reason to fret?
The simple answer is no. If you make the smart decision to hire a professional moving company, all you have to do when relocating to another place is sit back and relax. After all, you hire trained movers for a reason!
As one of the leading moving companies in California, California Movers have taken care of moves for hundreds of businesses and homeowners with the utmost safety and security. Our customers love us because we love serving them!
From small-scale businesses to large-scale companies like eBay, Apple, and Dropbox, we've succeeded in providing high-quality services that our customers love.
The man behind our top-notch services is our Founder and CEO, Anton Halushko.

Elevating your moving game to next level

The Vision of California Movers

Anton has been a crucial part of the moving industry since 2016. With his vision, California Movers quickly grew into a multinational company, operating in several locations all over the US . Here's what our CEO has to say about his journey with California Movers.
"It all began when I came to California in September 2014 for a program. Then I got a job as a loader in a moving company. The company I worked for provided many services, from packing small plates to transporting bulky goods . There, I worked my way up to a manager and started thinking about starting my own business."
"At that time, my friend and I (who is now my partner) decided to further develop the transportation system. We started working for ourselves, and that was the beginning of the California Movers company."

Noticing how the moving industry could do a lot better, Anton had already started working on creating a company that could ensure the smoothest relocation a house or office could ever have.
And the rest, as we know it, is history.

Vision of California Movers

How to Tackle Moving Nightmares and Ensure Your Safety

When it comes to moving your home or business , the first question you should ask yourself is, "Can I trust the movers that I've hired?"
The reason for this question is simple. There is a plethora of moving companies that overpromise and underdeliver. There have been instances where moving companies damaged thousands of dollars worth of customer property without ever compensating them. Not to mention the many scam artists who work under unlicenced company titles to make an extra buck. When it comes to getting your beloved things transported, it's only fair to demand the best and the most trusted movers. Here are three things (according to our CEO) to beware of when hiring a relocating service:

1. Company Insurance Policy

"Customers can suffer a huge loss in the absence of an insurance policy as all responsibility for the damage falls on the customers. The moving company is not obliged to compensate for the damage. Meaning, movers can damage expensive furniture, break glassware and not pay the client for it."
"This is important for your peace of mind. You should clarify what exactly the insurance covers. Standard insurance policies include auto liability, cargo coverage, and workers' compensation ."

2. Vehicle Accessibility

"Pay special attention to what trucks the company's vehicle fleet uses. They must be intact and in good condition. Time is precious, and no one wants to waste precious time when a truck breaks down in the middle of nowhere."

3. No Hidden Fee

"Always ask your manager in detail about the cost of all additional services that may be included in the final cost. You wouldn't want to pay an amount that is several times higher than your expectations when you arrive at your new destination."
Anton sorted through these critical drawbacks of the moving industry and finally came up with the idea of California Movers.

When is the Best Time to Move?

If you have the time to schedule a relocation and are looking to save big in the process, here's some advice you might like:
According to Anton, the best time to move is, "Definitely winter! Since everyone wants to move in the summer, winter move is more affordable. But if the season is a factor for you, you can choose from Monday to Thursday. Prices on these days are much lower than from Friday to Sunday."
Whatever your relocation requirements are, California Movers are here to take care of them throughout all the seasons .

How to tackle moving nightmares and ensure your safety

What's Your Score?

Anton's goal in the game was to ensure that customers loved his relocation services, and guess what, he scored big!
" The company's growth has been greatly facilitated by positive reviews on Google, My Business, and Facebook . Customers leave positive reviews and recommend us to their friends, which in turn gives us positive and significant growth.
"Thanks to these reviews, literally in 5 months we reached pole position on Yelp, after which there started getting a large number of calls and applications."

Quick Tip : When it comes to platforms like Yelp, it's essential to know that they don't ask for insurance and companies' licenses. So, when you're going over reviews about a specific relocation service, be sure to go the extra mile to check for the company's insurance and license.

The Rockstars of the Moving Industry

We're sure you would agree when we say that the process of forming and managing a multinational moving company is far from easy. As Anton says:
"We went ahead to apply to City Hall for an operation permit. The process was a bit lengthy. We had to open a bank account and take the state-approved training course. When we passed the written qualifying examination offered by the licensing department, we received the operating license ."
This was just the beginning.
"We went further to buy and register a truck. We purchased the necessary equipment and consumables; hired and trained employees. We also created a website and launched advertising, which played a critical role in attracting our first customers."
To provide residential and commercial relocation services to hundreds of our customers, Anton divided the company into three core teams.

1. The Movers Team

"Movers Team is the face of our company. We can proudly say that all truck loaders are trained in special packaging techniques for various equipment, furniture, etc . Thus, reduces the risk of damage to the very minimum."

2. The Marketing Department

"The Marketing Department works on developing and optimizing our website. They engage in advertising and generally do everything possible to get as many offers as possible."

3. The Sales Department

"The Sales Department has direct contact with clients and movers."

Anton had to face quite a few roadblocks during the process. However, his most important focus was on two things:

1. Fully Understanding the Client's Needs

"When I started the business, I aimed to care for our client's needs and team. We had great marketing and customer service thanks to the good service, equipment, and high-quality personnel. Our managers also quote a fixed price, making it easy for a client to plan a budget with us . I always try to support and motivate employees to work, as the success of California Movers depends on all of us."

2. Using a Rating System for Movers

"We have a special system of bonuses and rewards for loaders. After every move, a personal manager calls each client for feedback on the work done. He also asks them about each loader and the service rendered in general, requesting them to rate each staff on all areas.
The grades of each employee are taken into account, analyzed, and summed up. At the end of the month, the best staff are awarded."

Even Covid Couldn't Stop Us!

We all know how covid disrupted businesses all over the world. We also know how the pandemic continues to persist. But that didn't stop us from extending the services to our customers in need. Here's how Anton's post-covid company strategy ensured smooth operations and relocations despite the pandemic:
" We hired staff to carefully work the handles, cabins, and the body of the truck. Movers and employees are required to wear masks and maintain social distancing .
"More so, people's temperature is checked before the flight and at the beginning of the working day . And employees with a temperature are not allowed to work.
" Our employees also take monthly tests to check if they have coronavirus , making it easy to disengage an infected loader in good time.
"One of the important clarifications is that we issue new packaging materials to each of our clients, i.e., all boxes, film, paper, and bedspreads . These materials have not been in contact with our previous client.
"We also posted more detailed information on warnings during the move during a pandemic on our website."

When is the best time to move?

We Help Celebrities Move Too!

Celebrities, athletes, artists, and musicians rely on us for quality relocation services. This is because we understand the amount of money that they put into their assets, delicate artworks, and furnishings, among many other things.
Celebrities can only trust the most professional movers to transport these delicate items. Our CEO has worked with these celebrities throughout his career to ensure they always had highly satisfactory relocation services.

From Point A to Pont B: All Our Services at Your Disposal

From homes and small offices to large companies like eBay, Apple, and Dropbox, California movers provide the highest quality relocation services so you can lead a stress-free life before, during, and after the move. We recently helped Similarweb (a tech giant) move their office to Burlington, Massachusetts!
If you're reading this, we're sure you're looking for a relocation service you can trust. Here are all the services we provide:

1. Local Relocation Service

Our professional movers help you move within the same city, usually within a 50-mile perimeter.

2. Long Distance Relocation Service

We help you move smoothly across state lines while ensuring that all your properties are delivered to you safely.

3. Office Relocation Service

We transport all your office equipment, computers, appliances, furnishing safely . We also understand the importance of taking care of your invaluable data during the whole process.

4. Apartment Relocation Service

We help ensure hassle-free move of your things from one house to another so you can breathe a sigh of relief.

5. Storage and Moving Service

Want to store your items in a safe and clean spot for an indefinite period? We've got you covered. You can then move your stored items anytime you wish.

6. State to State Relocation Service

Distance isn't a problem with us. Simply let us know wherever you want to relocate in the country, and we'll do the magic. All our services comply with state laws.

7. Packers and Movers Service

We help pack everything before moving. Our packing inventory involves protective foam, blankets, boxes (suitable for all items), and furniture pads to move your items safely.

Other than these, here's a quick look at additional services that we provide:

8. Short-Distance Relocation Service

9. Relocation Services for Senior Citizens

10. Same Day Moving Service

11. Furniture Moving Service

12. Appliance Moving Service

13. Piano Moving Service

14. Government and Military Moving Service

15. Packing Supplies

Want to move with us by your side? Get in touch with us for a free estimate. We look forward to making your relocation a breeze!


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