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SHORT-TERM VS. LONG-TERM RELOCATION | Storage, Packing, Relocation

Any relocation is a stressful event, even local moving can drain you. But sometimes as an employee, you can be transferred to another location for a short or long term. It can be even more stressful as you don't know what exactly do you need to take with you and would you be able to relocate without the help of long-distance moving professionals. There are two main types of relocation: long-term business relocation and short-term move. To prepare for any of them, and to understand how apartment moving workers can help, you need to know the difference between the two types.


Short-term apartment moving means changing of residence for a relatively short period. The relocation can extend from 3 months to the year. The main point is that both employee and the company know that the relocation won't be permanent. Such a moving takes place on several occasions:

  • The company opens a new branch in another city and it needs to transfer several employees via a long-distance moving company there to control the work, educate staff or manage other issues.
  • An employee or a manager is working on a specific project that requires his constant attendance in another city.

In the case of the short-distance relocation, the aspects of the local moving process depend on the specific period of the relocation. Sometimes you are moving only for 3-6 months and there is no need to take everything you own. You only need a limited amount of items and sometimes a few furniture pieces.
Even if you are going to stay in the new place for a year, sometimes the company rents for you a fully furnished apartment so your belongings can stay in your old place or you can keep them in the depository. In any of these cases, the long-distance moving process is quite easy. You need a small van or only your car to transfer your property.



Long-term relocation requires permanent changing of the employee's place of living. It means that the company needs him to move to another city for a long period – more than 1 year. The causes of such a move are the same as for a short-term relocation: opening of a new branch or need to work on the special project. Putting it simply, the long-term relocation differs from the short-term one by the period that employees need to live in the place.
In such a case, you will have to seek the help of local moving professionals. The right local and long-distance moving company is what you need to reduce the relocation stress and deal with more important tasks that always accompany any apartment moving or office moving job, especially the relocation for business purposes.



The choice of storage option will also depend on the duration of your move. You may not want to take all of your stuff to a new city for any number of reasons, such as not wanting to clutter the new place, avoiding any damage to fragile stuff, or because the move is temporary. In any case, you will need to keep your items stored away safe and sound while you're away.
This is where the question arises: short-term or long-term storage?
The answer is rather obvious: it all depends on your move.
But, are the two even different?
The duration of the storage is the main distinction. Short-term spaces are best used for stuffing with items for two or three months at best, while long-term storage units can be rented for a full year or so .
Though the former is not for prolonged periods, you should still safeguard your items against weather extremes and mold. Getting a temperature-controlled storage space can help a great deal in preventing any structural damage to your goods.
When picking a long-term storage unit, you should consider a safe and secure unit with perfect temperature and moisture control. Also, packing your stuff in dedicated covers, using bubble wrap, and so on can help a lot. In the long term, mold infestation is one of the biggest challenges; you need to be certain that you're using a controlled environment to keep your stuff.



Once you’ve decided to move, whether for the short or long term and have also picked a perfect storage space, your immediate concern is to begin preparing for the move itself. You can, of course, ask our professionals to handle it all A to Z, but taking care of the packing efforts yourself will be a wise decision.
In either case, create a packing list, label your boxes and items carefully, use color codes to identify stuff easily, and separate the items you need to keep stored away from those that must be moved to your new place.
If you're using short-term storage space and are certain that there will be a lot of coming back and forth to organize and collect items, it would be better to create an aisle in the middle of the storage space. This way, you'll find it much easier to interact with the stored items than otherwise possible.
Stack up the boxes against the wall to best use the vertical storage space and thus save the ground for your movements.
For long-term storage, make sure that you've packed your items well and that there is no chance of any damage during the storage. Plastic covers can keep your articles safe from mold and whatnot. Also, you can cover the floor with a plastic sheet for safeguarding against moisture.
But in both cases, be sure to pack the fragile stuff carefully to keep them safe.


Do you want to relocate without any stress? Use the help of California Movers Local & Long Distance Moving Company. Our professional company movers and packers are ready to help you with moving advice and will provide efficient assistance in packing, truck loading, and other issues, which have to be done during long-distance or local moving jobs.
Moving with California Movers Local & Long Distance Moving Company is sure to deliver an awesome, stress-free relocation experience!
Just be sure that you understand the purpose and timeline of your move (ask your employer) and get all the details associated with it. You will have to prepare on your end as well, such as packing your stuff, arranging for storage space (for short or long-term), and so on. If you let us know what your specific needs are, we'll do all we can to address them specifically.


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