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Moving to permanent residence in another city or country is a very significant event in the life of every person. From the point of view of Astrology, a change of place of residence can both improve and worsen the aspects of fate. Moving can mitigate, completely eliminate, or vice versa exacerbate problems in different areas of life.

Astrology helps not only to predict favorable days for moving but also to determine the most suitable time of the year for a change of residence.

So, according to astrologers' calculations for 2019, August and September can be called the best months for buying a house and, accordingly, settling in it. And there are some interesting facts for every zodiac sign:

  • Apt for adventures and changes for Aries, fate prepared a pleasant surprise - feel free to change the old apartment for a new one, and there will be much more positive moments.The motivated Aries thrives in the East. This should be taken into account if you want any positive changes in work, business, career and finances in general. But only Aries alone have a chance to improve their personal lives, and those who are already married can survive a crisis of relations or even a divorce.
  • Taurus and Capricorn will be able to focus on the “reset” of the housing that they have at their disposal. Winding a “nest,” creating coziness and harmony is not so bad. And you can move later.

    Since this earth sign is connected with the sphere of the house, moving in any direction for Taurus is a rather risky event. But, as you know, hunting is better than captivity. Not everything that Taurus has planned for himself will come true. But the relocation of those who can boast of an already established business or relocation associated with career advancement or a new position - is very promising for Taurus.

  • Cancers favor luck in changing the roof over their heads. Cancer needs to have nearby familiar people, not to mention the “shoulder you can lean on,” but in loneliness, and even in a foreign land, he can begin to “wither.” It will be much more comfortable for Cancer, already belonging to a particular community in a new place. This may be a person from a former work collective, a business partner, friend, lover, or spouse.
  • It is better for Lions to look for new housing northwest of the old. This direction will be the first step towards happiness, according to astrologers. From astrological geography, this solar Sign corresponds to the East. Moving to the East increases the energetic, intellectual, and creative activity of Lions. People in creative professions are more likely to succeed. They have an additional opportunity to "meet their happy love," namely, a partner who maximally matches the internal needs of the Lioness.
  • Virgo will be able to cope with the move on their own. After all, a change of scenery will positively affect their well-being, raising morale. When Virgo is moving, it is essential to consider the climatic and other features of a particular area. Humidity, food, water - this is only the beginning of the list of factors that may affect the health of Virgo. So do not be surprised if in a new place Virgo falls ill or some “sores” are aggravated.
  • Inquisitive Libra is best to move to the East. You already love this direction, so why put off the inevitable? From Astrology of relocations, the most favorable is the movement of Libra to the South from the place of birth or previous residence. There increases the energetic activity of Libra, which in turn leads to favorable consequences. Progressive developments in representatives of intellectual professions. Finding profitable relationships with business people.
  • Scorpions are perhaps the only ones who have every chance to move abroad, even if they only went to the neighboring store for bread. Carry a passport with you and do not give up attractive prospects. Moving Scorpio should be done as thoughtfully as possible. There are always risks for Scorpio, all fateful accidents are peculiar to his fate in general.
  • Pisces and Aquarius stars are advised to decide to move only when changes for the better will not cause doubt. And don't forget to check out the relocation calendar!

    Moving Aquarius, however, as well as long-distance movements, can present such surprises that he did not even suspect. However, moving “diagonally” (if you imagine movement on a geographical map), significantly reduces the risks. For example, from the Northwest to the Southeast. And back.

    The graphic representation of the Sign of Pisces - fish swimming in different directions, literally hint at the relevance of movements from West to East or from East to West. The primary condition for a successful move of Pisces is the absence of illusions and a clear understanding of their goals.

  • Moving to a new place of residence is an entirely natural event for the restless Gemini. The desire for change takes precedence over rationality and practicality; sometimes, Gemini is ready to take risks for the sake of new sensations if their own life seems dull and boring. The West is the best direction for the training and raising the qualifications of Gemini, for gaining new knowledge and experience, for developing career and business.
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