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Cryptocurrency as a payment for services

Dear Clients, we have great news for those who own a cryptocurrency! Our company began to accept virtual currency as a payment for our services: Ethereum and BitCoin.
For those who do not yet know what is it and how to use it we will explain.


Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency, the measure of which is a coin. This coin is protected against forgery, as it is an encrypted data that can not be copied.
And how does the electronic cryptocurrency differ from regular money in electronic variant?
Regular money emerges on the account in virtual form after they have been deposited into the account in physical epitome. Thereby, for common currency, the virtual variant is only one of the forms of submission. Cryptocurrency is released only in the network, so there is no connection with any traditional currency or with any currency of state system.


The profits of cryptocurrency in compare with conventional ordinary currencies are following:

  • Transactions anonymity – there is no data about the owner of the cryptopurse.

  • Decentralized character, lack of a digital bank, control over payments and transactions.

  • Absence of inflation (a limited number of coins are issued).

  • Safety: cryptocurrency can not be copied.


The most well-known cryptocurrency is BitCoin. Today, BitCoins can be exchanged in some ATMs for ordinary currencies, some outlets and sites accept BitCoins as discharge for services and goods. Bitcoin has long lost its initial dependency on the establishments of clandestine trade, and now BitCoin is also used in financial markets and in the real sector.
Exchange units Ethereum are called ether.
In contradistinction to other cryptocurrencies, the authors do not limit the role in payments, but supply it, for example, as a manner for trading arsenal or recording transactions with assets using smart contracts, in particular, the authors called the ether for the execution of smart contracts by a peer-to-peer network.
California Movers Local & Long Distance Moving Company constantly works on the quality of services and tries to provide maximum comfort. That is why we decided to offer you a cryptocurrency as one of the convenient and modern methods of payment.