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When it comes to relocating an office, be it small or large, we have one thing to say: it's not a walk in the park.
From organizing and packing to transporting and arranging, a lot of work goes into moving an office. It requires all your attention (both mental and physical). Figuring out the logistics involved in moving practically feels like a full-time job! This, in turn, can eat up all the time in your schedule, which ultimately drains your productivity.
This is why it's smart to hire a professional company that can take care of the entire process from start to end so that your work can go on seamlessly.
We love helping companies relocate their offices. So, naturally, we are great at what we do. When Similarweb decided to move to a new office in Burlington, Massachusetts, we helped ensure that the entire process was smooth and even enjoyable! Our team carved out a customized moving plan for this relocation project that enabled a large workforce to shift to a new office with no hassle whatsoever .
But before we tell you more about our moving experience with Similarweb, let's take a quick dive into the fantastic work that Similarweb does.


Our Journey with Similarweb

Similarweb is a world-class company that helps businesses measure and analyze their customers' and competitors' performance and website traffic. In simple words, it provides, what we call, a yardstick to measure the digital world.
When we got the chance to collaborate with Similarweb, we saw the whole process as a challenge and were obsessed with moving everything just right (and within a tight schedule).
Similarweb has its offices all over the world along with an employee base of over 400 . It extends its services to global companies like eBay, Adidas, Google, and many more. Named "one of the Wall Street's Secret Weapons" and one of the "Calcalist's 2018 List of 50 Most Promising Israeli Startups", Similarweb is a digital powerhouse. This relocation was a part of the company's expansion and reinforcement plan.
We're happy to say that we were Similarweb's first choice of movers, and they were very appreciative of our work.
Sure, the moving was interesting, but much planning and hard work went into it.

Our Jorney with SimilarWeb

Precise Planning + Dedicated Execution = Amazing Results!

We started with planning the move for Similarweb in a comprehensive manner. The most challenging part about the relocation was the scheduling because we had to squeeze in the entire process within just seven days! After a few insightful meetings with its management, our movers were ready to do their magic!
An office isn't just a collection of furniture. It's a whole world in itself, and to move this world to a new place, you need only the most qualified personnel. Apart from office furniture moving , we had to figure out how to move other large and delicate items like the office appliance, computers, lots of machinery, and many other sensitive things. While it looks like simply moving things from one place to the other , it's more complex than it seems.
This is because both short and long distance moving involves the transport of company documents that are highly sensitive (for example, a company's internal accounts). Their computer systems are also full of valuable and sensitive data.
When the company entrusted us with transporting their assets and equipment, we maintained the utmost security to protect their data .
Only a highly responsible team can safely and securely transport a company's sensitive paraphernalia. We sorted through all the departments - from Digital Research to Sales - to transport every piece of equipment that belonged to a specific department. For the execution phase, we targeted moving floor to floor. So, with one day at a time, we managed to perform the long distance moving of the entire office within a week !
While California Movers were moving in full swing, the company barely faced any interruption in their work. We provided the relocation management plan, careful packaging, and secure transportation. By the last day of the move, our professional movers ensured: Sure, the moving was interesting, but much planning and hard work went into it.

  • That the move was complete within the set deadline.
  • We performed this strategy-driven move with the utmost accuracy.
  • The move was well within the budget.

And We Keep Moving!

We were happy to extend our services to global businesses like Apple, Dropbox, eBay, and more and Similarweb was another great relocation project of ours. With our highly responsible team, we know that only sky is the limit.
We're one of the leading long distance and local moving companies in California , and we're already on the road to becoming the top player in the field nationwide. With our services spreading all over the US, we're just one tap away from you!
We offer a wide range of services and at great prices . A few of our services include residential and commercial relocation, short and long distance moving, local moving, country-wide relocation, storage and moving services , and packing and moving services .
From office furniture moving to a move designed for senior citizens, you can even rely on us for moving specific items like your grand old piano, appliances, and a lot more.
If you're looking for any high-quality moving service, feel free to get in touch with us! Our job, ultimately, is to help you move with absolute ease.


Who's Your First Choice?

Our customers had always called back to us when they needed professional movers. The reason? They trust the way we work and the outcome we provide.
To start with, our long distance movers and local movers are always punctual because we care about your time. Since one relocation project is different from another, we go the extra mile to craft a detailed moving plan for you. You don't have to stress over any transportation mishaps because our trucks are always up to date and can accommodate all your items securely. You don't have to worry about any property damage with us because our movers are wizards (literally!). Nevertheless, we provide you with full value insurance. But most importantly, our process is entirely transparent, so you don't have to worry about any hidden costs!

Move with Us by Your Side

Imagine relocating just with a few taps on your phone. Our team will fully assist you from point A to point B without you having to worry about anything.
Simply request a quote, and we will send you a free estimate. If you decide to go ahead with us, we'll create a detailed plan and estimate just for you . The final step is just to finish the booking. After that, we will take over while you relax!

Move with us by your side


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