7 questions for a potential mover

Do you want to facilitate your relocation to the utmost? If yes, you have already thought about the relocation company you should turn to for the assistance. Naturally, there hundreds of different offers on the market and not all of them are liable partners.

If you want to come across a proper offer on the market, you need to keep in mind 7 questions to ask your potential movers. The issues cover the packing, delivery and payment details and can disclose the specific of the removal company and its customer policy.

Ask about the documents company has and the period they are in business.

There are different kinds of organizations, the membership in which shows that the company is trustful and can handle your property carefully. These organizations include American Mover and Storage Association (AMSA), Better Business Bureau (BBB) or US Department of Transportation (USDOT). The last one is considered the most significant. You only need to ask the company for its DOT number, and if the representative cannot provide one, it must be an illegal company, working from somebody’s garage.

Ask about the pre-estimation of the moving costs.

Most of the companies estimate the price of the moving before you place a firm order. If they don’t provide free estimation, it is a warning sign. But the possibility of free estimation isn’t everything. First, you need to get the estimation in a written form and then ask if it is binding or not. The non-binding estimation means that the final price quote can differ from the previous estimation. It is not always bad, just know that the price can change slightly.

Ask about extra service and their price.

You have to learn what the company consider an extra service as some of them charge for the extra stops, parking, fuel or have extra quote for oversized furniture handling. Also ask, if these movers take extra for the time they drive to and from your place.

Ask about the kind of their rate (is it hourly or flat-rate).

Most people like to move with the flat rate. In that case there are no surprises about the final quote. But most companies charge hourly. Learn exactly when the count of the time begins and when it ends, also, specify the information about the lunch break: is it included in the price or not. Try to know where you stand before the agreement is made and the relocation process begins.

Ask about the packing details.

Is the packing is entirely on you or are they going to pack everything? Are there any limitations on the type of packaging material, boxes and the size of bags? Ask whether the movers can provide you with packaging material and other necessary tools for the move. Also specify if you need to seal the boxes or the movers would like to check their contents.

Ask about the policy of broken or damaged items.

Ask the company what liabilities it assumes and how it handles the deal in case of broken or damaged items. Sometimes even the most liable company faces unlucky accidents. Most of cases the damage doesn’t depend on the movers, however, you need to know whether the company gives any compensation or it’s all on you.

Ask about the delivery schedule.

For most moving companies it is hard to deliver the items too soon. So don’t be surprised if they will ask for a week or two. And don’t trust the company that gives you more than attractive dates of the delivery.

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