Best moving companies in the Bay Area, top 7 Bay Area movers

If you have decided you’d like to move house chances are you’ll want to hire the best moving company in the Bay Area. While many moving companies will happily tell you that they are the best around, in reality, only a few of them are.

Below you will find information about 5 moving companies who could be some of the best moving companies around.

1. California Movers

Licensed, insured, and with a good reputation, California Movers are perhaps the best Bay Area moving company. With a lot of experience and the willingness to move you from or to the Bay area, California Movers offers additional moving services such as piano moving, local or national moving and they can even help you with the packing.


  • Licensed and insured
  • Free estimates
  • Offers residential and commercial moves
  • Has a storage facility
  • Can do the packing for you


Additional services cost more

2. A2B Movers

A2B movers are a fully insured and licensed company that offers furniture protection, packing services, and an assembling service which ensures your flat-packed furniture is fully constructed.


  • Insured and licensed
  • Offers a packing service
  • Can assemble furniture
  • Good customer service


  • Reports of too much time spent packing
  • Need more moving experience

3. Jay Moves

Operated and owned in the San Francisco Bay area, Jay Moves is insured and licensed and can deal with any size move. Offering a full packing service this team also moves offices and commercial businesses.


  • Offers full packing services
  • Will assemble furniture
  • Offers commercial moving
  • Friendly team


  • Reports of items broken
  • Customer service on the phone isn’t always great
  • Reports of extra fees

4. Movers N Shakers

Movers N Shakers have been operating since 1997 and offer residential moving, storage, and packing services. In addition to this, they also offer office moving services. Fully licensed and insured, Movers N Shakers will move you long distance.


  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Long distance movers
  • Residential and office movers
  • Packing services


  • Reports of a lot of calls from the company

5. Cummings Moving

Offering residential moving services along with packing and furniture wrapping, Cummings Moving also offers storage space in their warehouse and moving supplies. Operating since 1969, the company has a lot of experience with moves in the local area.


  • Residential services
  • Furniture wrapping
  • Arrive on time


  • Reports of damaged items
  • Reports of the company leaving homes in a mess

6. Larros Moving

Larros has been moving people for more than 10 yeas and offers residential and commercial moves in addition to long-distance moves. The company is owned and operated in the San Francisco area and they also offer furniture assembly and senior moving.


  • Fast workers
  • Friendly team
  • Quick to respond to messages


  • Reports of furniture being scratched
  • Reports of glass items being broken

3. Bekins Moving Services

Bekins Moving Services offer long-distance moving, antiques services, packing services, and containerized storage. They have been operating in the Bay Area since 1949 and can help commercial businesses to move too.


  • Offers assisted living moves
  • Offers antique-packing services


  • Reports of the company changing moving dates
  • Reports of failure to arrive on time

What to look for when choosing a moving company

When you’re looking for the best moving company in the Bay Area to help you there are a few things you should be on the lookout for. Below you will find a few tips that can help you hire only the very best in the area.

Experienced Movers

You should, ideally, hire a moving company that has a lot of experience. You don’t need a company that is just starting out as they may not know the area. A team of people that knows the area well can help your move be even more successful.

Experienced movers will also know the best way to move all of your furniture and other large and bulky items. They will know what to look out for and how to lift things properly.

You can often tell the difference between an experienced mover and those who have little to no experience. This is because the latter will be less organized and unsure as to where they should start.

Make a telephone call or write an email to the company in question. Their response should give you an indication as to how much experience they have. If it doesn’t, ask them how much experience they have.

Free Estimates

A moving company that gives you free estimates is happy for you to search for the best movers in the Bay Area. If you are offered a free estimate chances are they know they have competition and will want to give you a good price. They’re likely to be more trustworthy than those companies who only quote you a price once you’ve signed on the dotted line.

Those who only provide you with an estimate once you’ve hired them cannot be trusted. There is no reason for them to provide an estimate at a later date.

An honest company will either come to your home at the time of your choosing and give you an estimate in the next 24 hours or they’ll give you an estimate over the phone or online.

Packing Services

If you are too busy to pack everything you may want to consider hiring a moving company that can help you pack your things. Many companies offer this service but not all of them supply their own packing materials. Look for a company who supplies their own packing materials as it can prove a great help to you.

If you have a piano you may want to check whether they are happy to move it for you. They should use special materials that keep the piano protected throughout the move.

They may also be willing to protect your furniture and some of your more valuable or sentimental items.

Quick Response to Your Query

Even the busiest moving company will get back to you within 12 hours of your call or email. Those who do not get back to you quickly may not want your business or they’re simply bad communicators. A quick response shows that they are prepared to help you move.

Please note, there is usually some delay over the weekend or during the holidays, this is normal.

A Physical Address

If a moving company does not have a physical address or refuses to give you their address move on. Do your research and try to find out where they are located. Do not ask them for the address, instead, visit their website and check the contact details. Once you have the address take a look on a map and see where they’re located. If the building does not exist or you don’t like the look of it, consider using someone else.

With a little bit of work, you can choose the best moving company in the Bay Area. Don’t forget to read any reviews or comments that previous customers have left. Once you’ve chosen a moving company to help you will be one step closer to making that move.

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