Best Moving Companies in San Francisco, Top 7 SF Movers

When you’re looking for the best movers in San Francisco you need to be certain that you hire the right team. However, doing so is not always that easy. There is a big number of moving companies to choose from that finding the best one can be hard.

The good news is we can help you. Below you will find details of 5 the best moving companies in San Francisco, thereby making your search even easier.

1. California Movers

California Movers is well-known for its great customer service and the long list of different services on offer. They will pack your things for you and even supply the much-needed packing materials. The company has a lot of great reviews and they are happy to move businesses too. The offer of storage space seems a great idea and can make your move easier. This is a moving firm that prides themselves on offering potential customers as much as possible and could well be one of the best moving companies in San Francisco.


  • Estimates given over the phone
  • Excellent customer service
  • Always on time
  • Offers more than most moving companies


  • May cost a little more than some

2. Magic Moving

Magic moving is known for offering a budget moving service along with regular moving services. They pride themselves on being on time and they can move motorcycles and cars. This company also a storage option and  24-hour tracking so you know where they are all the time.


  • Estimates given online
  • Has competitive rates
  • Provides storage boxes for free
  • Moves motorcycles and cars


  • May not always keep walls free from damage
  • Reports of damage to items

3. Moving Forward

Moving Forward is a company made up of a team of removal professionals who have a lot of experience. A Diamond Certified company, they take pride in keeping the customer happy. Offering residential as well as commercial moving services, Moving Forward have insurance, and can ship items long distances.


  • Free estimates over the phone
  • Offers a packing service
  • Provides free garment boxes
  • Diamond Certified


  • 3 hour minimum charge
  • Can be a little expensive

4. Winter Moving

Winter Moving offers residential as well as commercial moving services and has 10 years of experience. The company knows the San Francisco area well and has a storage facility. Happy to undertake any type of move, this company provides all the tools and equipment they need to get the moving job done.


  • Good prices
  • Very fast movers
  • Punctual and friendly


  • Doesn’t always give on-site quotes
  • Reports of damage to items

5. U Haul

U Haul is not a moving company per se, but they do rent out trucks and moving equipment. Moving this way can potentially be cheaper than hiring a full service moving company but you have to do most of the work yourself. Different sized trucks are available along with storage boxes and containers. The company is known nationally and has a good reputation.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Lots of moving and storage options
  • Clean and modern trucks


  • Storage areas are not always great quality
  • Reports of unfriendly employees

6. Luigys Moving

Luigys Moving offers local and long-distance moves along with commercial and storage services. The company has been operating since the year 2000 and serves the San Francisco area. They also offer packing supplies which can make the move a little easier on you.


  • Really good with seniors
  • Experts in moving furniture


  • Reported to have bad customer service
  • Quite pricey

7. Got2Move

Got2Move offers a packing service in addition to long-distance and local moving services. They can move overnight and offer free estimates. Got2Move has been operating since 2006 and has a lot of experience navigating San Francisco’s streets.


  • Offers local and long-distance moves
  • Does overnight moves
  • A lot of experience in the local area


  • Communication isn’t always good
  • Reports of damaged furniture

What Qualities to Look for When Choosing a Moving Company

When you’re choosing a moving company in SF, you need to make sure you hire one that will work well for you. However, as we have already seen there is a big number of movers in the San Francisco area so you may need to do a deeper research to ensure you hire a company that offers great service every time.

Here’s what you need to be on the lookout for:

Experience in the San Francisco Bay Area

You should ideally hire a team that has experience in the San Francisco Bay Area. The best movers are surely those who know the city and its neighborhoods well. You need a team that knows exactly how to get from point A to point B and back again quickly. You will also need a team who is so familiar with the streets that they know which area to avoid due when there’s a lot of traffic.

Steep hills in San Francisco could prove to be somewhat challenging for those who are unfamiliar with them. An experienced company will know exactly how to drive a full truck up and down the hills with ease.

Fair Rates

Some of San Francisco best movers have fair rates. These rates will not leave you out of pocket, in fact, you should know well in advance how much you’re going to be charged. You should be given an estimate before you move house (Or office) and the price you end up paying should reflect the estimate.

While some moving companies do like to charge a lot of money they don’t always provide a service that’s worth the cost. This is why you should look for a company who provides you with fair rates while being willing to get the job done well.

License and Insurance

It’s important to look for a moving company that has valid license and insurance. Moving companies in SF and anywhere in California need to have a license and insurance.  If a  relocation company only has one or neither of these you need to look elsewhere.

You need to know that the team of people who are coming into your home or business premises know what they’re doing. A company who is fully licensed is capable of carrying out the work and is likely to have some training behind them.

An insured company will guarantee coverage of the cost of damage or loss during the moving process. In case you hire a company that does not have insurance there’s no way to claim compensation if something should go wrong.

Additional Services Like Packing, Storage

If you are looking for a relocation company that will go the extra mile for you, look for additional services they offer like packing and storage. The companies who offer these services can make your whole experience so much better.

When a company offers to pack your items for you make sure you ask them whether they supply the packing materials. Some companies do supply some materials, others supply all of them. This can be a great help to those who don’t have the time to do the packing job themselves.

Going through your home one room at a time, some moving companies can pack your items quickly while ensuring nothing gets damaged.

Storage is also a great option as it can make the whole move better. If you don’t want to or can’t move everything at once having the option to store your items can help. Just make sure you know how much storage costs and how long you want to store your items for. You will also need to find out if you can adjust the amount of time you store items for. This could be useful if you need to store things for a few more weeks or months.

You may also want to find out how often people store items with them and if there have ever been any issues with their belongings.

Good Reviews

While many moving companies are happy to call themselves the best in the area this may not always be the case. This is why it makes sense to read any reviews that previous customers have left. Read through all of the reviews and get a general idea as to how the moving company has performed.

When leaving reviews, people are usually honest and will happily leave good comments if they are pleased with the service. They’re also unlikely to exaggerate or make up any stories about the quality of the move or the team of movers.

If a moving company has too many bad reviews you may want to consider looking elsewhere. When you hire professional movers you need to know they are going to treat you and your things with respect. If this is not reflected in the reviews you read choose another company instead.

Choosing the best moving company in San Francisco may not always be the easiest thing to do. However, you can make life a little easier if you take the time and effort to research some of the local or national moving service providers that operate in your area.

The above 5 moving companies are well-established and have been around for some time. Look for one that offers you everything you need without charging you the earth for it.

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