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Green house cleaning

Green cleaning

We know how important respecting the environment is which is why we take pride in only using environmentally-friendly products so our impact on our fragile planet is reduced.

From the cleaning materials that we use to our waste disposal methods, we are proud to offer you a green house service that helps us all take care of planet earth.



Office cleaning comes easy with California Movers

Office cleaning

We are proud to offer services for commercial businesses ensuring every room in your building is as clean as a whistle.

Whether you are choosing to relocate, you’re about to move into a premises or you simply want to keep the building clean, we can help. Our team of professional cleaners will clean your floors, walls, doors, and hallways so you turn up to a clean and pristine place of work every day.



Post construction cleaning

Post construction cleaning

We understand that no matter how hard you try to keep your site clean, construction work can create a lot of mess and dust. Here is where we can come in and make a real difference by cleaning up the mess so you don’t have to.

We are happy to clean refurbished hotels, shopping malls, retail businesses and any other location where you need a bit of a helping hand. We will tailor our work to your needs so everything is spic and span once more.



How We Work

    • Full-service cleaning

We will happily clean anything you want us to. Would you like us to clean an entire room? We can do that. Want us to clean the master bedroom and every en-suite? We can do that too.

Let us know exactly what you’re looking for so we can clean as much or as little as you’d like.

    • Eco-friendly products

Our Eco-friendly products help to keep you healthy while preserving the environment. We use green-cleaning techniques products that avoid the use of toxic chemicals that can harm our world and your health.

We also go one step further to make sure that all our materials carry the ‘EPA Safer Choice’ label so that their impact on the environment is reduced.

    • Always on time

We pride ourselves on being on time, always. We know how important it is for you to have people turn up when they say they will, and have a job completed when they say it will be completed.

    • All areas

We are happy to service all areas within California, meaning we’re there when you need us.

    • Same day cleaning

Would you like us to do a spot of last-minute work? We’ll be there. Do you need something cleaned today? We will be there.

What to Expect From Our Move-in/Out Cleaning Services

    1. Deep cleaning

We offer a deep cleaning service that will leave your kitchen, den, bedrooms, and anywhere else in the home completely spotless. If you want your home to be remarkably clean, we can help.

    1. Carpet cleaning

We know how delicate an oriental rug can be, which is why we will ensure it is thoroughly cleaned while ensuring your Japanese carpet is taken care of and looking as good as new.

    1. Window cleaning

Your windows need to be spotless both inside and out, ensuring the maximum amount of light gets in whilst maintaining your high standards.

    1. Air duct cleaning

After time, air ducts can become full of dust and dirt, failing to work as well as they should. We will thoroughly clean your air ducts so they function as well as they can so your ventilation and air conditioning system is almost as good as new.

    1. Upholstery cleaning

Whether your sofa needs a bit of TLC or all your furniture needs a thorough clean, we can help. We take great pride in ensuring every piece of furniture is expertly cleaned so it’s free from dirt and stains that build up over time.

    1. Steam cleaning

Some aspects of your home or your workplace may benefit from our steam cleaning service that using hot steam to eliminate dirt, dust, and grease. Talk to us about what we can do for you.

    1. Vacuum cleaning

Dirt, dust, and pet hairs can quickly accumulate on floors all around the home. Our expert team will make all the dust, dirt, and pet hairs disappear, leaving you with very clean floors all around your home.

    1. Attic cleaning

Over time, attics can become dusty and dirty, which is why we’re happy to step in and get it ship-shape again. We can get rid of those cobwebs, sweep up the dirt, and make your attic a nicer place to store all of your treasured belongings.

    1. And of course, we pay attention to details like…

Skirting, lamp holders, light switches etc all those little areas where dust likes to settle and take the shine off your light switches and other areas that are frequently missed.

We promise You’re in good hands

Call us today on (415) 579-2747 and let us help you get your home or business premises ship shape, clean and sparkling, and looking good once more.

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