Do you think the moving company’s service costs a pretty penny? Did you hear all these stories about hidden fees and extra charges of unfair companies? Are you afraid to pay twice more than it was stated in the initial moving quote?

With “California Movers Local & Long Distance Moving Company” you can forget about these fears! We quote fair and transparent. Before having placed a final order, you get a detailed estimation of your moving case with the cost of each additional service. It also contains the approximate amount of time that must be spent on the whole relocation process.

The final price depends on:

  • The type of relocated object: the office moving costs differ sufficiently from simple flat relocation quotes.

  • The distance between an initial point and the final one: long-distance moving quotes are naturally higher than the local relocation.

  • Number and type of included additional services: additional stops, storage facility, bulky furniture assembling/disassembling.

No hidden fees in our moving quotes

Some unfair companies name initial movers quote that differs markedly from the final check. This is not what “California Movers Local & Long Distance Moving Company” offers!

Having decided to use our services, you find a long-term trustful partner who is capable of solving the hardest relocation issues and offers favorable cost of moving.

At the very beginning of our effective collaboration we provide you with the price close to the final moving quotes. It is possible thanks to the thoughtful preplanning:

  • After the first connection, we send our manager to your place to estimate the volume of work;

  • We make a complete plan of relocation where the time of every stage is stated;

  • We name the price according to the approximate time, required number of movers, type of additional services.

As a result, there is almost no difference between the initial price and final one. Using this approach, we can specify an office moving cost or quotes for residential relocation, also send you prices for long distance relocation or local moving quotes.

Having applied for our moving company quotes, you get not only the pricelist and approximate moving costs but also an opportunity to make precise schedule of relocation with all the prices.

“California Movers Local & Long Distance Moving Company” is not only a truck and several movers! We provide a full range of moving services and never charge any extras. Move with us and find a loyal partner!




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