Oakland Piano Movers

If you are in need of a team of Piano movers in Oakland we can help. We are here to make your move a lot easier. Whether you’re moving home or you’ve just bought a piano and you want it moving to your home, we can help. We can also move pianos to and from universities, stores, concert halls, and anywhere else you please. Just let us know and we’ll be ready to help.

Safe and Seamless Piano Moving

Pianos are delicate instruments that need to be taken care of. We are here to ensure that your piano is moved safely and seamlessly. We have a lot of experience moving different sized and shaped pianos and we haven’t damaged a single one!

When you let us move your piano you will be assigned a dedicated team member who will ensure the move goes according to plan every step of the way. Not only will they ensure your piano arrives safe and sound but they will also:

  • Make a note of where your piano is and where it’s moving to – This is to ensure that the moving team knows what to do and when to do it.
  • Make a note of any obstacles that may be in the way – If we need to take your piano down some stairs, we will. If we need to move some of your furniture out of the way, with your permission, we will.
  • Wrap your piano so it’s protected – We will use our special film to ensure your piano is protected from scratches and dents. We’ll also wrap your piano in blankets and seal the blankets in place with some duct tape. This adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring your piano arrives unharmed.
  • Ensure that your piano arrives at your chosen destination on time – We know how important this is to you, which is why we’ll turn up when you want us to, and we’ll deliver your piano at your chosen time.

We like to think we offer more than many other piano movers. We offer a service that’s second to none and we believe you’ll love what we do.

Going that Extra Mile

We are proud to go that extra mile for you. We can move your baby grand, upright, spinet, concert grand, or any other type of piano for you. Each member of our piano-moving team has been specifically trained to move any type of piano with ease. Pianos are placed on a 4-wheel trolley or a piano board and moved from the pick-up point to your chosen destination.

We will remove the legs, music stands, pedals, and anything else that is located on the piano’s exterior so that your piano is properly protected.

– Moving your Piano Wherever it Needs to be

We are happy to move your piano to wherever it needs to be. Would you like to move it across the road? We can help.

Want to move your piano across the other side of town? We can do that for you.

Want to move your piano from the 25th floor to a house in another state? We can do that as well.

We are happy to move your piano to wherever it needs to be. We like to think we’re experts in the piano-moving industry, and this is why we are happy to move your piano from A to B and even back to A again.

– We can store your piano

If you would like us to store your piano for you, we can. We have a safe and secure warehouse that has plenty of room. If you need to move your piano out of your home or any other area and you cannot deliver it to your new home yet, don’t worry.

Our dedicated team of professional piano movers can place your piano in storage. We will also deliver it to you when you’re ready for it. Let us give you the peace of mind you need to move your piano and store it for you until you’re ready for it.

Contact Us for a Free Quote

We are Oakland movers who can move your piano in no time at all. Let us know when you would like us to move your piano and where you want it moving to. We are happy to help you move your delicate instrument so please contact us today for a free quote. Your piano will be in safe hands.

4 February 2019
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